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Discover the Valmalenco

Discover the Valmalenco

Two days of trekking immersed in nature and history

“It’s where I’m from, the place I know better than any other, where I’ve explored day and night accompanied by sun, rain and snow, in every season of the year. The scents and sounds are second nature. This is where the stories I belong to begin and end

Artist, storyteller, non-alpine mountain guide and forest bathing leader

A two day trekking excursion in the woodland of the Valmalenco. We depart from the small town of San Giuseppe where we’ll get supplies for lunch made from local products. The excursion follows a route which includes immersion in the moss-covered forest alternated with open, sunny areas and historic pastureland. Once we reach the marker of an ancient tree, we’ll set up our camp for the night in the forest. The day after we’ll re-join the trail towards San Giuseppe, walking alongside sections of the Mallero river.

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Duration: 2 days of walking
Personalised: It’s possible to create a made-to-measure route to meet your requirements
Circular route: San Giuseppe – Chiareggio

Departure time and location:
from San Giuseppe in Valmalenco

Arrival time and location:
around 5:00pm (The Day After)
at San Giuseppe in Valmalenco

Lenght: 10 km

Accommodation: night under the stars

Meals: included

Season: From the end of July to the end of September

ADULT 110 €
Children (10-14 years) 70 €


Andrea Mori does not provide a more detailed description aware of how for woods and mountains one must be able to be pliant.

For further information and booking contact Andrea Mori:
Tel.: +39 349 2257669

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