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The Stories

Nature is full of stories to tell.

Written in the rocks, the trees or along ancient and forgotten trails.

You just need the time and will to listen.

This section is dedicated to recounting experiences and projects, from both ours and others’ perspectives.
A narrative of what we’ve learned along the journey.



ECOlab presents:
Tessere il Valico, the Lima Valley
An experience mixing walking, theatre and video documentary.

The Tessere il Valico project shares the stories of the mountain population through the medium of itinerant street theatre. The project, created by Andrea Mori and Valentina Fanoni, has been performed in Umbria and Tuscany.

ECOlab Nature Trail
A mix of ecology, art and technology.

ECOlab, Canyon Park’s not-for-profit project, created the nature trail in the Straits of Cocciglia to enhance the enjoyment of the area’s natural heritage and to provide educational material about its ecology.

The Excursions

CamminoLento organises guided excursions of one or more days and special events dedicated to enhancing and regenerating this unique territory.

Come and walk
with us

Enjoy the essence of ‘slow travel’, get in touch with nature and discover the local area’s beautiful heritage.