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La via dei Metati TERRA

La via dei Metati TERRA

A day excursion/trekking in the Lima Valley

La via dei Metati

This excursion, suitable for all walkers and full of sights, scents and sounds, begins from the Straits of Cocciglia at Canyon Park, located at Bagni di Lucca in the Lima Valley (the Tuscan Apennines). The first viewpoint is from the historic ‘Ponte Nero’ crossing the river. After a brief visit to the San Rocco Oratory, we follow the footsteps of the pilgrims of the past and leave the valley behind, continuing our excursion accompanied by the sounds of the forest. The route reaches a mountain village, where the inhabitants, stone houses and relationship with the environment have an indissoluble connection with the past. It’s here that we will be able to make friends as we stock up on “Pan di Via,” our sack lunch with genuine local products. But it’s still early to eat. First we must cross the immense monumental chestnut forest, which covers the entire valley like a blanket. The huts used for drying chestnuts (the Metati) are a testament to the historic importance of chestnuts in the Lima Valley and across the whole Apennine mountain range. All the locations of the excursion illustrate the relationship between humans and nature in this unique and spectacular territory.

After lunch, having taken in the sights and experienced first-hand some of the valley’s history, we return to Canyon Park where you can relax in the chillout area alongside the river, shaded by poplar and alder trees. We return to the departure location mid-afternoon.

Suitable for all walkers over 10 years old

Detailed information about the activities is available upon booking.

Circular route: Canyon Park – Casoli – Madonna Col del Piano – Canyon Park Chillout Area

Departure time and location:
from Canyon Park

Arrival time and location:
Around 5:00pm
at Canyon Park

Type of route: Tourist route
Lenght: 8 km
Ascent/Descent: 320 m
Lunch: Included, with local products

ADULT 55 €
Children (10-14 years) 35 €


This activity can go ahead with a minimum of 4 participants

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