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The Lima Valley with Andrea Mori: 8th – 23rd July

The Lima Valley with Andrea Mori: 8th – 23rd July

2 day trekking excursion in the Lima Valley

Last year I spent 22 days walking with the TESSERE IL VALICO project in the Lima Valley. I saw chestnut trees so impressive that they seemed to hold up the sky, dense woodland and bubbling streams. I listened to local people who shared their histories and the history of their home with me., the history of the places I was passing through. This area made a huge impression on me, for its silence, its trees and its colours.

Artist, storyteller, non-alpine mountain guide and forest bathing leader

A 2 day, easy-going excursion taking in the woodland, pasture, mountains and villages of the Lima Valley. We’ll aim to enjoy every moment of the experience, rather than to reach the arrival point as quickly as possible!

We’ll pause regularly to create a new sense of time at nature’s pace, listening, contemplating, and learning from the silence. In the evening we’ll eat what’s available from the land, during the night we’ll be watched over by the trees and the stars.

The day after we’ll restart our walk, after a simple breakfast made from nature’s ingredients, crossing beech and chestnut forests and letting ourselves be led through the beauty of the natural surroundings.

Duration: 2 days of trekking
Circular route: Lucchio – Casabasciana – Ponte Nero – Lucchio

Departure time and location:
from Canyon Park

Arrival time and location:
around 5:00pm
at Canyon Park (the day after)

Type of route: Tourist route
Suitability: open to everyone over 10 years old
Length: 19 km
Ascent/descent: 950 m
Accommodation: night under the stars
Meals: dinner and breakfast included

ADULTS 170 €
Children (10-14 years) 70 €


This activity can go ahead with a minimum of 2 participants.

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